Is It Easier to Play Electric Guitar Than Acoustic?

Being Frank, Playing an electric guitar easier. But don’t rush just by seeing the statements. Because there are lots of supporting things that are needed to make an electric guitar easier than an acoustic guitar. So before rushing for electric guitar, you should know about the process, the difference with Acoustic guitar, and why playing an electric guitar better for beginners. Here in this article, every part will be discussed.

Why Using an Electric Guitar is Easier?

Electric Guitar is made in a manner that will help you to give a ping about the next move. If we explain it, it will be like this. The strings are very sensitive and soft. Soft strings are helpful to move your finger faster. Learning the proper cords is the first step for every guitarist. So, Using an electric guitar for beginners will be the best. But that’s not all. You need some supporting items along with the guitar. You need amplifiers, cords, and obviously a power supply system. This is why the electric guitar is quite costly after all. If you have the proper budget then go for an electric guitar.

Using an Electric Guitar

Which Should You Prefer an Electric or Acoustic Guitar?

An acoustic guitar is not hard at all. But often the guitarist who has played both types, always suggests the electric one. The strings are quite tough in Acoustic guitar. Though it is not written anywhere but usually, the cultural and traditional kinds of music are played by acoustic guitar and modern pop songs are done by the electric guitar. Those who have played both of these will agree with this, the electric guitar is handier to create amazing sounds for modern songs. The point is your taste matters here. If you have a fixed goal for achieving something then always go for it. And choose that one which helps you to go there soon.

The additional expenses are quite less for the acoustic guitar. Because only strings are the parts which need to be bought. And repairing an acoustic guitar is an easy thing.

Acoustic Guitar


Electric Guitar is lighter than acoustic guitars. The neck part is also so thin that you can easily move your finger from one corner to another which is quite hard for acoustic guitar. The running process is also very easy for an electric guitar. In the end, make your mind about your ambition as a guitarist. Then choose whatever you want. If you have a deep affection for any particular guitar then how hard it is, you’ll definitely be a master of that.