Tips for Mattresses as Sound Absorption

Do you want to find out more about mattresses when it comes to sound absorption? Mattresses are not often thought of as a form of sound absorption, but there is some evidence that they can be. This article aims to provide information on what mattresses are suitable for sound absorption and how this works. It will also detail the different types of mattresses about their effectiveness at absorbing sound and which ones may be best suited to your needs. These tips should help you find a mattress that will suit your needs perfectly.

The first thing we need to cover is the difference between open-cell foam mattresses and memory foam mattresses for noise reduction.

Mattresses and noise absorption

If you’re looking for a new mattress, but want to make sure it won’t absorb sound, here are some of the best things to look for.

  • Look for an innerspring mattress with a coil count of 1310 or higher (higher is better)
  • Go ahead and spring for the highest thread count possible; it’s worth the extra money!
  • If you can find one with a layer of memory foam on top, that will also help keep noise from traveling through the bed frame.

acoustic treatment

Old mattress as acoustic treatment

Do you have trouble sleeping? Is your partner’s snoring keeping you up at night? Sound is a big problem for getting a good night’s sleep, so consider these sound absorptive mattress tips. Air-conditioners and fans can be used as sound absorbers for noise in the home. Try using them to help block out the noise coming from outside or inside of the house. A common material often used for this purpose is fiberglass insulation which allows airflow while minimizing airborne sounds by trapping air pockets within its fibers. If someone has an especially loud snore, consider purchasing earplugs to get some extra peace and quiet during their slumber time.

Mattresses are a big purchase, so it’s important to find the right one, Mattressive will help you with that. Of course, the best way to know if a mattress is good for you is to go to sleep on it. However, other factors can affect your comfort and quality of sleep, like noise absorption levels. With today’s busy schedules and 24/7 distractions from cell phones, televisions, or even roommates who snore loudly or have restless nights themselves, it’s more important than ever not only for your health but also for your productivity at work that you get a good night’s rest.